Why It’s Important to choose A Medical Assistant School with Internships

There are a lot of medical assistant schools in the united states that offer a program in medical assisting. While it’s great that there are many options to choose from – it boils down to finding the best fit for you. Which is to say, finding a program that offers the most hands-on experience and training that you require in order to successfully land a career, and become a certified and employed medical assistant, who is qualified enough to work full time and be offered benefits.

So why is it Important to Choose a Program with Internships?

It’s important to choose a program with internships because it is the only thing that counts as work experience. While you may receive some hands-on training through lab work in courses throughout your program – it does not count as actually being employed. The importance of internships is that they are exactly like having a real job under an employer. You work a typical shift and have the same duties as any regular medical assistant. Because of this students gain actual experience as a medical assistant, and they can add it on to their resume.

Why Does this Matter?

This matters because employers in this day and age are looking for candidates who have applicable experience. Managers do not have time to sit down and train every single new employee from the basics all the way to the more complex job duties. So the more applicable experience a post graduate has the better his or her chances of getting hired, or being picked over other candidates.

One last positive quality of the externship is that it builds confidence in post graduates. They become familiar with the job during their internship, and once they graduate they know what they are doing.

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