What Type of Tasks Can Medical Assistants Perform

Medical Assistant Duties

Medical assistants who enroll in a certification program, whether through a technical college or seminar, will receive a great deal of training that adds a great deal of diversity to their talents and qualifications. Because of these varying talents medical assistants can work a number of jobs within the health care profession.

As a matter of fact, a lot of colleges that offer a program in medical assisting will have relationships with local employers. These relationships usually create internship possibilities for students so that they may get hands-on experience in a real world work environment. This is why potential medical assistant students should always choose a school with internships listed as a required course core.

The tasks that medical assistants preform vary from:

  • Administrative duties: recording patient information, processing payments, keeping track of patient records and files, re-stocking supplies for the work area, scheduling and arranging appointments, making arrangements for patients to visit specialists, and many more.
  • Clinical duties: taking temperature and blood pressure, interviewing patients and writing down their symptoms for the doctor, and sanitizing patient rooms after checkup.

Some of the facilities that medical assistants might be qualified to work in include:

  • Physician’s office – MA’s are usually used in doctor’s offices for their administrative qualifications and sometimes their clinical skills.
  • Clinics – Much like in a physician’s office, MA’s are used for their administrative duties, however, they tend to do more clinical tasks than they would at any other facility.

This is just a small list of possible places an MA may find a career in. Always make sure to check with your college’s career placement office, or career development office for possible interviews or call for resumes, they are always building relationships with new employers and filling in the gaps of employment.

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