How to Deal with Children in a Healthcare Setting

As a medical assistant you will sometimes have to deal with children. It is a known fact that most MA’s will end up working for medical offices that are physicians’ offices or the “doctors’ office” as it is commonly known by people outside of the healthcare industry. Because of this fact, medical assistants will have to handle small children from all sorts of ages, especially if they end up in a pediatrics facility. So what do you do if you’re a medical assistant who: has never handled children, does not know how to handle children, and will eventually have to handle a bunch of children? Here are a few tips.

The first big tip is to be as patient as possible. Children do not have the mental capacity that we do as adults. They cannot reason or see past the point of their own basic existence. This can make the job very difficult as they will almost always be afraid of strangers. Children will be naturally timid and offer a lot of resistance when it comes to whatever clinical procedure you have to perform on them, so be very patient and warm to them so that they will gain your trust.

The second tip is to be stern with them. Your job is to get your task done no matter what. Your goal is to help these children get better and the only way to do that is by completing whatever clinical task you are assigned to do. You have to be stern with them and not feel bad if they are crying and uncooperative. Sometimes no matter how kind and warm you are with them, children will always trash and try to run away out of fear, so be stern!

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